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Terms of Services

To deliver exceptional service quality and customer experience, MEI has established the following Service Terms. By submitting a Service Request using the forms on MEI’s website, you agree to the following Terms of Service.


  1. The information provided in the form is believed to be correct, and will be relied upon to generate an Estimate, which can be accepted by the Customer, and paid using the options listed on the Invoice.

  2. In order for MEI to reserve time for a Service Appointment, the Invoice must be paid in full. At Customer request, MEI will review other payment options. Generally, only amounts above $5,000 qualify for enhanced payment options.

  3. It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure correct, complete, and functional assets and equipment are provided for the Service Appointment as well as a reasonable work environment for the Technician. MEI reserves the right to turn down work due to unsafe conditions.

  4. Certain vehicle issues may disqualify eligibility for Service, Check with MEI for greater clarity to avoid a vehicle disqualification. MEI reserves the right to turn down work due to poor vehicle condition.

  5. Sales are only refundable if MEI is notified in writing of changes or cancellations three business days before the Service Appointment. MEI also requires three business days notice to issue partial refunds for reduced scope of work.

  6. If the Customer requires more work and MEI is notified with less than 3 business days notice before the appointment, MEI cannot guarantee its completion during the Service Appointment. Additionally, the difference must be paid in full prior to that work being performed.



MEI provides a warranty for all workmanship lasting 6 months, which is strictly non-transferable. To file claims, kindly contact us at 1-855-889-4682 Ext 115. In instances where reasonable, we request access to inspect and address the issue. Please note that non-warranty related matters discovered during inspection will incur a fee as per our prevailing standard pricing.


MEI must be notified of any workmanship concerns before repairs commence for potential reimbursement. For reimbursement, MEI mandates the submission of the following:


(i) A signed report complete with photographs elucidating the issue's cause and the carried-out repairs.

(ii) An invoice/receipt copy with a comprehensive breakdown of parts and labor.


It's imperative to acknowledge that if work is conducted by an alternate vendor without prior written approval from MEI, the warranty becomes void. Any warranties pertaining to customer-provided equipment are subject to the manufacturer's terms and conditions and fall outside the purview of MEI's coverage. This policy is established to safeguard the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved.

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