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Mobile Electronics Inc has been providing mobile fleet services since 2013, specifically AVL installations. We take pride in our network of highly-skilled technicians, allowing us to provide the very best service nationwide.

Our dedicated project coordinators ensure that all projects are completed on time, within budget, and done with the highest of quality.


We specialize in large deployments (fleets of 500+), but can also complete other rollouts with the same attention to detail.  Our approach revolves around ensuring customer satisfaction by using above industry standard install practices, the latest technology, an extensive service area coverage map, and a rapid response time. 


We have also worked with numerous fleets which require customized solutions for their industry specific assets. From hydraulic systems to video monitoring, our techs have the creative electrical knowledge required to complete the work and we can assure you the quality workmanship will last.

Installation projects are tracked using accurate record keeping of each vehicle we integrate a product. With this data, we can provide updates to all necessary parties during the project, making deployment completion progress visually measurable.

Take advantage of our expert technicians

At Mobile Electronics Inc. we employ only experienced, professional, and customer-centric technicians. Our technicians go through a training process personally designed using decades of experience in the industry. We have successfully built a network of over 60 technicians, allowing us to provide complete national coverage with a rapid response time.

Additionally, all of our techs are insured under a garage auto policy as well as a full liability policy. We have technicians that are also cleared to enter restricted areas such as the oil sands, port authorities, and other areas that require special safety certifications.


Our past work includes heavy machinery, rail service equipment, transport vehicles, armored vehicles, passenger vehicles, and mass transit vehicles.