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Why choose MEI?

Why We Do It

At Mobile Electronics Installations (MEI), we believe in providing an end-to-end solution for each customer. Each member of our staff is highly invested in keeping our promise of 100% satisfaction.  Our company stands by these traits and we believe in thinking differently to solve the unsolvable.


How We Do It

At MEI we understand the face of our company is our installation team. To ensure quality installs, all of our new hires go through a rigorous training process. We offer a monthly meeting for all of our technicians, keeping everyone up to date with the latest and greatest products we install as well as installation techniques. Keeping a focus on each clients’ individual needs is what sets us apart from our competitors. We are willing to work around your fleets schedule to minimize down time of your assets.  All of our technicians have access to 24/7 tech support.

What We Do

MEI provides on-site fleet management solutions and offers a wide range of installation options to meet your needs. GPS tracking, TrailerTails, Aerotech caps, and police bar lights installations are just some of the services we offer. MEI is located across the US, Canada and Australia in all major cities and is able to travel to remote locations. We will always go above and beyond to complete each project with high quality results.  Photographs of all installs will be sent to administration to ensure quality control on all installations.


Seamless communication streams

for real-time progress reports.


Pending product developments to solve unmet needs in the industry.


24/7 top tier technical support. Years of experience in the industry. Highly trained technicians.

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